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    ERP SD Training | Online & Classroom | SAP SD Training In Bangalore

    ERP SD (Sales and Distribution) training is a course that teaches students how to manage the sales and distribution process within a company using an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. This includes learning how to create and manage customer accounts, create and process sales orders, manage pricing and discounts, and track and manage deliveries. In ERP SD training, students will also learn how to work with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, how to generate and analyze sales reports and data, and how to optimize the sales and distribution process. Overall, ERP SD training helps students gain the skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage the sales and distribution process within a company using an ERP system.

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    What will you learn in this course? SAP SD Training In Bangalore

    In ERP SD (Sales and Distribution) training, you will learn how to manage and optimize the sales and distribution processes within a company. This includes:

    Understanding the role of Sales and Distribution in an ERP system
    Setting up and maintaining customer relationships
    Creating and managing sales orders, quotes, and contracts
    Managing the delivery and distribution of goods and services
    Handling billing and invoicing processes
    Implementing and managing pricing strategies
    Utilizing reports and analytics to optimize sales and distribution processes.
    You will also learn how to use the SAP SD module to manage the entire sales process from lead generation to order fulfillment, and how to integrate with other SAP modules such as Material Management and Finance to streamline business processes.

    What you should know?SAP SD Training In Bangalore

    Sales and marketing: understanding how to generate and manage customer demand for a company’s products or services.
    Pricing and pricing strategies: understanding how to set and adjust prices for a company’s products or services.
    Order processing: understanding how to process and manage customer orders.
    Inventory management: understanding how to track and control inventory levels.
    Logistics and transportation: understanding how to manage the movement of goods to customers.
    Customer service: understanding how to provide excellent service to customers.
    ERP systems: understanding how an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system can be used to manage sales and distribution processes.

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    What Will You Learn?

    • Employee Central
    • Employee Central Payroll
    • Performance and Goals
    • Recruiting
    • Succession and Development
    • People Analytics
    • Conclusion
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