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ERP HR/HCM Training | Online & Classroom | Bangalore

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HR/HCM (Human Resources/Human Capital Management) is a course that teaches students about the management and administration of human resources within an organization. The course typically covers topics such as recruiting and hiring, employee benefits and compensation, employee performance management, and labor laws and regulations. It may also cover areas such as leadership and management development, training and development, and employee engagement. The goal of the course is to provide students with a strong foundation in HR/HCM concepts and practices, enabling them to effectively manage and support the human resources within an organization.

What will you learn in this course?

The role of HR in organizations and the various functions it performs, including recruitment, employee relations, benefits administration, and performance management.

The principles and theories of human resource management, including motivation, leadership, and communication.

The legal and regulatory aspects of HR, including employment law, labor relations, and equal opportunity issues.

How to use HR systems and tools to manage employee data, track performance, and support HR processes.

The role of technology in HR, including the use of cloud-based HR systems, mobile apps, and analytics tools.Best practices for managing employee engagement, retention, and development.How to develop and implement HR policies and procedures, including those related to employee benefits, leave, and discipline.Strategies for managing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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